Entertainment Industry Professionals Association (EIPA) represents actors, models and entertainment professional all over the world. EIPA is a Non-Profit that’s funded by donations and membership fees. Please DONATE NOW to support our programs.


Entertainment Industry Professionals Association (EIPA) is an organization representing entertainment industry professionals: actors, models, set decorators, on camera and off camera personnel.

Membership Benefits

  • Legal Services – all EIPA members are entitled to free legal protection in case of a legal dispute, non-payment or any other issue that might arise on set ** Terms and Conditions Apply
  • Collective Representation – Your representative will be available to you whenever you have questions or need a spokesperson for your rights. EIPA has the strength, experience, and respect to provide you with the best contract possible.
  • Industry Recognition – Prestige that comes with being an EIPA Industry Professional
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Membership Benefits
  • Discounts – whether you travel by car or airplane, EIPA membership provides discounts to hotels, restaurants, buslines and airlines
  • Stable and Safe Working Conditions – A union contract will defend you against unfair layoffs or discharges. EIPA will be there to represent your interests in any situation in which your contract is being violated. This gives you the security of knowing that your job is protected.
  • Pension/Health Benefits – EIPA has a structured Pension plan designed to assist our members in their retirement years
About EIPA

Entertainment Industry Professionals Association (EIPA) fights for the rights of actors, models and entertainment professional all over the world. EIPA gives all of our members a voice and provides legal and administrative help.OUR GOALS:

  • Improving working conditions
  • Higher wages
  • Better pensions and benefits
  • Providing accessible legal services