Casting Call for “Bad Moms 2″

The comedy “Bad Moms” is getting a sequel. According the the movie’s IMDB page, Stx Entertainment is fast-tracking “Bad Moms 2” AKA “A Bad Moms Christmas” and the movie is looking to hit theaters this coming Christmas.

Bad Moms 2” is now in production in the Atlanta area and there is a casting call out to fill many paid, non-speaking, extras and stand-in roles. The movie needs to fill some specific roles for both kids and adults and the list of available roles is below.

The new film comes from “Bad Moms”  writer and directors Jon Lucas & Scott Moore.  “Bad Moms 2” stars  Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, and Kathryn Hahn who will be spending the Holidays together in the sequel. This past December Kristen Bell announced Bad Moms part 2 via her twitter.

Bad Moms” was a success in the box office. The movie had a 20 million dollar budget, yet went on to gross over 180 million worldwide out performing many big budget productions such as Independence Day: Resurgence and Alice Through the Looking Glass.

According to IGN, Bad Moms 2 will hit theaters on November 3, 2017.

Ever feel like the holidays just mean more work for you? On 11/3/2017, take a break with A BAD MOMS CHRISTMAS!

What are needs are currently:

Seeking a Caucasian male stand in for Monday, May 15th. Approx 5’6 to 5’7 with a small to medium build. Age range: 28 to 60. Fair skin, with brown hair. This will be a 1 day call for a high profile celebrity. It works within the perimeter of Atlanta. Early A.M. Call Time. Must have stand in experience. To submit, email your photo, sizes and contact info to: Subject: Celebrity Stand In.

Currently Seeking Christmas Carolers.

This can be an actual group or individuals and we’ll create our own group. We need adults that can sing well. Must be available for 4 dates: Fri. 5/26, Sat. 5/27, Tues. 6/13 and Wed. 6/14. And these will be NIGHT calls. Don’t submit unless you can carry a tune and you are available all of these 4 dates. Rate is $88/10 and a $10.00 bump for singing. Submit via email to: SUBJECT Carolers

Seeking both a Guitarist and a Pianist for this Monday, May 15th.

Can be a male or female. Age range 28 to 55. Should be better than average skills on these instruments. You won’t actually be recorded or playing, but we need you to act as if you are. Rate of pay is $ 88/10 with a $ 10 Bump. The look is very upscale, as if you’ve been hired to play at a cocktail party. Must have upscale suits and dresses for the occasion. This will be a very featured bit with high profile cast members. You really must be proficient at playing to be considered. Filming in Atlanta, within the perimeter. Submit via email to: Put subject as: PIANO if your a pianist, or GUITAR, if you are a guitarist.

Very Upscale Asian, Hispanic , African American men and women ages 40-75.

Must look very wealthy. Need very upscale cocktail attire and men you need full business suits. Please in your post let us know what you have. This is Christmas in Chicago. Ladies no dress size over 8 and men no waist over 36. Very conservative looks. Must be a new face and not be booked for any other scenes. Will be a morning call in Atlanta. Work date Monday 5/15. Rate 88/10 Subject: XMAS JEWELS

Also we are making a list of names just in case we need to rush call people to set for the next 3 days.

DAY 1 rush call -Phipps Plaza will need to be ok working until 4:00 am Possible call times 1:30 pm and 6:30 pm. Ages 18-60 All ethnicities. Work date Wednesday 5/10 rate 88/10 Subject: RUSH DAY 1
DAY 2 rush call -Lenox Mall will need to be ok working until 4:00 am Possible call time 6:30 pm. Ages 18-60 All ethnicities Work date Thursday 5/11 rate 88/10 Subject: RUSH DAY 2
Day 3 rush call -Cumberland Mall will need to be ok working until 4:00 am Possible call time 7:00 pm. Ages 18-60 All ethnicities Work date Friday 5/12 rate 88/10 Subject: RUSH DAY 3

Please post 3 photos of yourself. Include your height and weight. All your clothing sizes with shoe size. Do not forget your number.

Looking for a stand in for Kathryn hahn.

She is Caucasian 5’5 120 30-40 Brown/ auburn long hair. Interview tomorrow around 1:30 pm in Buck head if picked will stay and work the rest of the week, Need to have open availability. Rate 140/12 Subject: Rush Carla

submit 3 photos current with all your sizes and height and weight.
Do not forget your phone number




Other roles that may be available:

Need a Hispanic male stand in for actor Jay Hernandez. Please look him up before submitting. He is 5’9-5’10 dark short hair. 40 coat.Very nice looking and conservative. Ages 30-40. Must be available starting Monday May 1st and have open availability till June 17th. Rate 140/12 Subject; Jesse

Looking for children ages 12-15 who play and OWN a Viola. Do not need to be great. Work date: Saturday 6/17 rate 120/8 Subject: Viola Please when you post make sure that you say you do own a Viola.

Looking for a Hispanic female to stand in for a minor. She is 4’2 But you can be up to 5’0. Looking for a female ages 18-30 no larger than 105 lbs. Brown long hair open availability starting Monday May 1st. rate 140/12 Subject: Lori stand in.

Looking for a female or male with short brown hair to stand in for a minor. He is 5’3 dark brown short hair. Must have open availability starting May 1st-June 17th. Rate 140/12 Subject MATT
If you fit the above please submit photos with your height weight and sizes. ONLY submit a photo of yourself please. Subject line and DO NOT forget your phone number

Need a Caucasian stand in for Christine Baranski. (please look her up before posting)She is 5’7 dress size 4/6. ages 45-65 Don not submit if you are 18-40!. She has light brown with dark blonde highlights. Hair chin length. Must have open availability. Interview this Thursday the 27 and starts work on May 1st- June 17th. Rate 140/12 Subject: RUTH

Need a Caucasian male and female stand in for 2 minors. Must have brown hair preferably 1 with short dark brown hair and another with long brown hair. Height 5’0-5’4. Must be 18 -25 NO older please. Must have open availability. Interviews this Thursday and start work Monday May 1st-June 17th .Rate 140/12 Subject: DYLAN If short hair height 5’1-5’4 OR JANE if Long brown hair height 5’0-5’2.
Still looking for photo dbl for David Walton please look him up before posting. Dark brown hair 28-40 years old clean shaven. He is 6’4 170 lbs. Must be available for interview this Thursday 4/27 work TBD. Maybe 3-4 dates Rate 150/12 Subject: MIKE DBL

Still looking for more twin boys blonde ages 2 1/2 -4. No older or younger. Must be available this Thursday and work dates will be: 5/8, 5/9. Rate 150/10 subject: TWINS

Looking for a Caucasian Urkel type. This was played by Jaleel White on the sitcom Family Matters. He played a nerdish kid BUT he was AA. ages 18-30. The directors want the same look but have it be a Caucasian male nerdy. Very featured. Must be available 6/15 &5/16. rate 120/10 SUBJECT: Urkel

Need a AA male to look like Donald Trump. You did not mis- read this. So if anyone has every said hey you look like Trump then submit. They are really looking for the hair. Ages 45-70. Must be AA male. Work dates 6/15 & 6/11 Rate 120/10 Subject: TRUMP

Need some men to work in our strip club scene. You will be watching with an emasculated look. Very featured. Looking for men who might be smaller or character types. Maybe your girlfriend dragged you to a club and you feel out of place. Ages 25-55 all ethnicity. Work dates 6/10& 6/11 Rate 120/10 Subject: Emasculated

If anything above fits you then please submit BUT only if you fit this. we need 2 photos of your self full body and face shot DO NOT send a photo of you and other people in it just you please. We need your height weight and sizes. Include your phone number.


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